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Online XLS fixer solution, offered by Excel Fix Toolbox (Download Free) data restoration algorithms, provide the highest performance of analysis, combined with the minimal system requirements of .XLS file fixer online application.

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It means that file fixer XLS users can install Excel Fix Toolbox on any laptop, standalone workstation or any other computer in the network, including older and not supported hardware.

Corrupt .XLS Fixer

The small size of XLS fixer download makes it possible the restoration of Microsoft Excel files and recovering table data from such documents. The usage of fixer .XLS program does not require additional explanations from the Fixtoolbox.com community, click the shortcut of Excel Fix Toolbox to start and get ready to do the following:

  • use the open file softkey, select a document of XLAM, XLST, XLS or other format, supported by Microsoft Excel and prepare to start recovering;
  • since there are no additional settings of corrupt .XLS fixer, the users of Excel Fix Toolbox can start repairing Microsoft Excel documents by using the Next softkey;
  • Excel Fix Toolbox automatically notifies its users about the end of XLS file analysis and moves to the previewing of recovered Excel tables;
  • freeware version of Excel Fix Toolbox can be installed on user PC workstation for a very long time for evaluation, there are no any restrictions except some functional ones;

Visit Fixtoolbox.com website to get acquainted with Excel Fix Toolbox and its professional but easy to use MS Excel recovery services, available for anyone. Unlike open source tools or freeware, Excel Fix Toolbox professional software team development guarantees full support to its users regardless the severity of data corruption and other provisions. This program is not released as GNU General Public License (GPL) application, but you can donate to the development team of Excel Fix Toolbox, get rid of free version restrictions and keep on working.

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